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September: Landlines make links which are hard to ignore



As if we needed confirmation of the fact, scientists agree that we need to spend at least 2 hours a week in nature to derive the benefits and increasing numbers of GP's are prescribing nature-based interventions for a variety of chronic diseases and long-term conditions. A group of artists are raising funds for The Wilderness Foundation who work with people with a variety of issues, immersing them in nature, camping, trekking or canoeing to impact positive change.


Landlines is the title of the inaugural exhibition by members of the Wilderness Art Collective, which uses a conduit of images in a variety of different medium which transport and transmit from the very bedrock, the essence of the land to the viewer, to allow pause for thought and to arouse and convey emotion.


On display at The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in London between Sept 4- Sept 14th 2019 in aid of The Wilderness Foundation UK (which harnesses the power of wilderness to transform vulnerable lives and empower people to conserve nature) the 15 artists who make up the Wilderness Art Collective are multi-disciplined. From painting to textiles, film to installations, this relatively new collaboration of artists which includes painters and film-makers, explorers and environmentalists have come together with the aim of highlighting the plight of the world's wilderness and wildlife, encouraging re-engagement with the natural landscape and promoting its' preservation and care.


The Wilderness Foundation UK are also hosting a speaking event, 'Voices for the Wild', alongside the exhibition on 5th Sept , where explorers and nature lovers will be sharing stories of their adventures to raise awareness of our precious natural landscapes can transform lives. Hosted by Mike Gunton, Alastair Humphreys, Ben Saunders, Tiffany Francis, Sophie Montagne and Shirin Shabestari will be sharing the stage. The evening will also consist of an auction a raffle and a book launch'


For more information and to buy tickets to Voices for the Wild (£15) and Landlines please click on the relevant links - Wilderness Foundation UK and The Wilderness Art Collective