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The Poor Clares of Crossbush in Arundel, West Sussex have launched a beautiful album called 'Light For the World'. Available from 16th October 2020, it features original chants set to music composed by Juliette Pochin and James Morgan, who were told about their musical abilities and came to listen to them during Vespers before being bowled over by what they heard.


The Poor Clares live together according to the form of life drawn up by St Clare of Assisi in 1253. St Clare was a close friend of St Francis, the Patron Saint of Ecology, and she was the first woman to write a Rule for women. Her vision, which still works well today, was based around the idea of exchange. Everything she and her sisters made or grew they gave to others and others in turn gave to the sisters.


Seven times a day they sing their office so singing is very much a part of the sisters lives, but they also work, not only to earn a living but as a way of sharing God's work of creation. As well as baking and growing things in the garden to eat, they also make things to sell in their small shop - One sister turns wood, several others make garments, candles, cards and vestments for liturgical use.


"Our hope is that by listening to this CD, people can have an experience of God's love and peace, especially during these difficult times of anxiety and stress" said Sister Clare.


Below you can meet the community and hear about the album and below that you can listen to a sampler of the songs on the CD. If you'd like to buy the album please click here.