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Thought for today: BIRTH TREES


The Orang Rimba are one of the most endangered indigenous tribes in Indonesia. Not only have vast areas of their rainforest home been given to palm oil, rubber and pulp companies without compensation (leading to their homes and hunting grounds being destroyed by fire and their air and water sources polluted) but many have been forced to give up their culture and faith and convert to Islam in order to survive.


Indigenous peoples contributions to conservation are essential and invaluable and it's so painful to learn of their plight when they have lived and depended on these forests and 'conserved' them for generations. One of their traditions is burying a baby's umbilical cord and planting a tree on top. The child goes on to maintain a sacred bond with that tree for the rest of their lives. They will do all they can to look after it and protect it from being attacked. For the Orang Rimba, cutting down a birth tree is equivalent to murder.