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Harvest Moon - 1st October 2020



Signifying the changing of the seasons, the Harvest moon appears to be bigger and brighter than usual and is so-called as it occurs nearest to the Autumn equinox (22nd September 2020).



Harvest Moon


"Come a little bit closer

Hear what I have to say

Just like children sleepin'

We could dream this night away


But there's a full moon risin'

Let's go dancin' in the light

We know where the music's playin'

Let's go out and feel the night


Because I'm still in love with you

I want to see you dance again

Because I'm still in love with you

On this harvest moon


When we were strangers

I watched you from afar

When we were lovers

I loved you with all my heart


But now it's gettin' late

And the moon is climbin' high

I want to celebrate

See it shinin' in your eye ..."


Neil Young (2nd November 1992)


Watch the below for a flashback!