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The Son Rises, The Blind Will Truly See by Walt Irwin



'The sun rises above the western view

and paints a stunning picture framed a golden hue


Across the sky it shows its' warmth and light

Illuminating the beauty of creation, wings of eagle flight


A golden ray skips the blinds and marks the golden floor below

Lighting up the space inside, even webs reflect a glow


The physically blind cannot see this activity of light

Even though they long for just a glimpse of what is sight


As the sun sets things nocturnal are filled with such delight

Soon even those with sight are cut off in a world without light


In darkness both are blind and trust their way is right

Never sure as they move ahead struggling with all their might


To see, to really see beyond this light so often frail

That earthly light that so often dims our senses it does assail


The Son rises from a hand-hewn tomb of stone

As the beauty of his glory shows across that ashen dome


Holy light now fills the earth so that everyone can see

The right from wrong, the good from bad, the choice that sets us free


No longer does man have to stumble on things he cannot receive

He has Christ, the true living light, and that he MUST RECEIVE!'