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Dear Whoever



Dear Whoever


(This poem was written by Caroline Collingridge, a musician and lovely lady I met at the weekend who shared it with me. She was inspired by the Help the Kelp campaign and is sending it to the Sussex Wildlife Trust in support.)


Dear whoever's listening to the wind,




I'm being torn apart,

My fronds have come adrift

Lifted out by trawlers and hawlers and bawlers.


My gas bladders squashed

No more my pneumatocysts

Can keep me buoyant and upright.


My roots no longer hold fast

To the rocks I rely on

No more can I stand up firmly on my own.




I'm dying in front of your eyes

Sediment is being dumped on me

I can't see you anymore.


I used to inhale carbon

And store it below, but no more

I can't hold it in my lungs for you,

Dear love.




Restore me and I can grow very fast

Just plant me in sea water

Watch me play with my friends.


The cuttlefish, sea horses, snails, crabs and urchins,

Squid love to give birth here

I nurture them. So ... so ... so ... please help.


Your dying friend,