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Whilst a deal has finally been reached at the United Nations Climate Summit, COP25 in Madrid it's far from satisfactory. After a two-day extension, following two weeks in which negotiators had disagreed on how to implement the 2015 Paris Climate agreement, the talks were in danger of collapse and very worryingly there's been limited progress made, with countries asked to come up with more ambitious targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions in order to meet the terms of the 2015 Paris accord. Without these reinforcements, current commitments would put the world on track for at least 3C of warming which scientists say would spell disaster. This lack of progress means that the next major global climate conference taking place in Glasgow in the UK in November 2020 will be crucial in strengthening commitments.



But as the UK's Climate Coalition says: 'The Time is NOW.' Following the UK's recent election results, they've suggested that we all send our newly elected MP's a Christmas card to ensure sure that the climate crisis is one of the first issues that lands on their desk. By welcoming them into their new roles and at the same time encouraging them to build a greener future in the year ahead we can show them that their constituents care about the climate and ecological emergency. There's a downloadable card with suggestions of wording on their website or you can simply send your own.