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On the eve of the ecumenical Season of Creation (1st September - 4th October 2020), Pope Francis forcefully spoke out against acts of "plundering" against God's creation and called on all people to take action to protect God's gifts "today, not tomorrow, today."


Speaking in his monthly video for September, he said countries and companies in the Global North exploit natural gifts from the Global South, generating an ecological debt. "Furthermore, the 'ecological debt' is enlarged when multinationals do outside their countries what they are not allowed to do in their own. It is outrageous." He added.


His message calling on all people to act, comes as Christians around the world are preparing to start the Season of Creation or 'Creationtide' the annual celebration in the church calendar dedicated to God as the Creator and sustainer of all life. Beginning at the start of the Orthodox Church year on 1st September 2020 and running through to the feast of St Francis, the patron saint of ecology on 4th October, churches also link the popular tradition of 'Harvest Festival' into a theology of creation and the care of our common home.

Pope Francis concluded the short video with a prayer for creation. "Let us pray that the goods of the planet are not plundered, but are shared in a fair and respectful way. "No to plundering, yes to sharing." "Today" is the time for all Christians to unite.



The theme for the Season of Creation 2020 is 'Jubilee for the Earth' - Jubilee in scripture being a time of rest for the land from exploitation. This year's Season of Creation is a time to consider the integral relationship between rest for the Earth and ecological, economic, social, and political ways of living.

The most Revd Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury has chosen this time to speak out about the impact of climate change:-