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The Queen’s speech: Hope for biodiversity?



In the Queen's speech today, the government promised it will tackle air pollution, plastic waste and climate change and a new raft of measures will be introduced to improve air and water quality, tackle plastic pollution and restore habitats.


In her speech from the House of Lords, the Queen said the long-awaited Environment Bill would be delivered by the next government and noted that ministers remain committed to protecting and improving the environment for future generations. Environmental principals will be enshrined in law for the first time, supported by a series of legally-binding targets and requirements and a new independent regulator will be created to scrutinise environment policy, investigate complaints and take enforcement action, with the priority of tackling climate change.


In his introduction to the speech, Johnson called this "a momentous new environment bill - a lodestar by which we will guide our country towards a cleaner and greener future". The Queen also confirmed ministerial plans to put an end to trophy hunting imports in the UK. Whilst outlining the government's agenda, she announced that work is ongoing "to promote and protect the welfare of animals, including banning imports from trophy hunting."