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You may have already seen and signed "Save Bees and Farmers!" , the European Citizens Initiative to phase out synthetic pesticides, save bees and nature and support farmers which was jointly launched by 90 organisations from 17 EU countries towards the end of November last year. If not, and whilst we are in our Brexit 'transition' period, there's still time!


Today (28th February 2020), the Indian scholar, environmental activist, food sovereignty advocate, and anti-globalization author Vandana Shiva has pledged her full support of the initiative by becoming its Patron. Like Prince Charles (who has a bust of her on display in Highgrove) Shiva, has been battling against genetically modified seed, the planting of monocultures and the use of pesticides for years. Known as 'the Gandhi of Grain' she has said, "G.M.O. stands for God, Move Over!"


Bees and other pollinators are indispensable for preserving our ecosystems and biodiversity - up to one third of our food production and two thirds of our daily fruits and vegetables rely on pollination through bees and other insects. Yet, they are existentially threatened by constant pesticide- contamination and habitat loss due to industrial agriculture. Today Vandana said "I'm so happy to be serving the bees and the farmers ... Join the initiative ... we must ensure that we put the poison cartel away and the bees can flourish, small farmers can flourish and you can get good food. Your signature counts!"


Currently there are just under 200,000 signatures but if they gather 1 million by September 2020, the EU Commission and Parliament must consider turning the campaign's demands into law. To this end, they have just launched the below film:-




The "Save Bees and Farmers!" campaign is being run by a growing cross-sector alliance of over 100 environmental NGOs, farmer and beekeeper organisations, charitable foundations and scientific institutions distributed throughout the European Union, working together to reconcile agriculture, health and biodiversity. For more information and to add your signature click here.



Vandana Shiva