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**NB: Since I posted the below, the National Trust have announced that they will close their parks and gardens, due to the number of people flocking to enjoy them and the concern over social distancing. Please check with the other charities mentioned below, before you visit.**


Henry David Thoreau wrote 'All good things are wild and free'. And for those of us who aren't lucky enough to have nature on their doorsteps, the National Trust, Wildlife Trusts, RSPB, English Heritage and RHS charities have announced that their reserves, gardens and coastal regions will remain open for people to enjoy during this time of 'social distancing', with many waiving their usual entrance fees. Whilst this avoids public interaction and the exchange of money with employees, the charities say that it is mainly so that visitors can fully "relax and refresh".



Thoreau also wrote "Nature (is) but another name for health" and he discerned the importance of "constant intercourse with nature" for the conservation and preservation of the health of individuals and of planet Earth.


Whilst their cafes and shops will close, members of the public will be able to unwind and enjoy the fresh air and the wonders of the world around them as spring unveils herself - as long as everyone keeps the 2 x metre distance rule. It's unknown if the situation will change or how long visitors will enjoy this open-door policy but all eight of London's Royal Parks, which are free to enter anyway, have announced that they will stay open until advised otherwise by Public Health England.


Many of us already take walks in nature to relieve stress and refocus our thoughts. Thoreau goes further in his conviction of natures predisposition on our health insisting, "All nature is doing her best every moment to make us well." All we have to do is fully open our eyes and ears to accept her medicinal gifts.