The Nature Bible

Nature Diary

Key Dates

June 2024



1st - start of Meteorological Summer

1st-9th Natural History Consortiums Festival of Nature

1st - 30th - The Wildlife Trust's annual nature challenge - 30 days wild

3rd - 9th Garden Wildlife Week

5th - World Environment Day

8th - World Oceans Day

8th - 16th: Caring for God's Acre - Churches Count on Nature

8th - 16th: Climate Coaltion's 'Big Green Week'

9th - Coral Triangle Day, Solomon Islands

9th - LEAF (Linking environment and farming) Open Farm Sunday

14th - Ban Live Exports International Awareness Day - Compassion in World Farming

15th - Global Wind Day

16th - Fathers Day

17th - UN's World Day to combat desertification and drought

21st - Summer Solstice - start of astronomical summer

21st - World Giraffe Day

22nd - World Rainforest Day

22nd - Full Moon (Strawberry Moon)

24th - 30th - National Insect Week

24th - Mid-Summers Day. Feast of John the Baptist. Celtic lore: flowers will appear to those who stand under an elder tree on midsummer's eve.

29th - National Mammal Week