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Time to Act




If you're feeling frustrated, in despair and are thinking of joining the holy uprising of people around the world who want to do something positive in the face of the destruction of creation - then a recently launched resource book called Time to Act should be on your shopping list!


Published by SPCK, this anthology of stories, essays, interviews, sermons, poetry and prayers has been compiled by various members and friends of Christian Climate Action members (Christians in Extinction Rebellion) who are committed to peaceful, prayerful movement and public witness.

It also calls us to join together to act through the moving testimonies of those engaged in the current protests, explorations of the Christian tradition of non-violent, direct action and different moral faith perspectives. Contributors range from a Rabbi to a Franciscan Brother and well-known authors and speakers, to the protester on the street.


Describing it as "Timely, moving and highly motivating", former Archbishop Rowan Williams says it will "Help Christians of all ages to respond faithfully ... and grow more fully into the joyful responsibility we are made for."


You can read more and order your copy here. Find out more about Christian Climate Action.


Footnote: Throughout the 40 days and nights of Lent, Christian Climate Action and other Faith Groups are holding a meditation vigil outside the Houses of Parliament. They would love people to join them.