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Out for the count






If you haven't already taken part yet this year, don't forget to get involved in Butterfly Conservation's annual Big Butterfly Count. Lasting from Friday 15th July 2022 until Sunday 7th August 2022, all you need to do is pick a spot outside in your garden, the countryside or local park and spend just 15 minutes counting the butterflies and moths that you see. If you don't see very many that data is also vitally important.


Butterflies play a vital role in our ecosystems, not only as pollinators, but as part of the food chain, however, they are also amongst the most threatened groups of wildlife in the UK, with numbers decreasing significantly since the 1970s. A recent report from the charity warned that half of all of Britain's butterfly species are now on the Red List with a 26% increase in the number considered threatened with extinction - due to climate change, pollution and loss of habitat.


The charity's annual Big Butterfly Count acts as an "early warning system", helping scientists understand how environmental changes are affecting insects, in order to try and bring them back from the brink. By having a focused, calming break submerged in the world around you, as you settle into your 'count', you'll be doing something really positive for yourself and the environment.


Dr Zoe Randle, senior surveys officer at Butterfly Conservation, said: "Thanks to the wonderful British public, who take part in their thousands, the Big Butterfly Count is the largest natural history citizen science project involving insects in the world and provides us with a valuable snapshot of what is happening for butterflies across the whole of the UK."


To take part in the Big Butterfly Count 2022 follow the steps below:-


1. Get ready by downloading an ID chart or the free Butterfly Conservation app HERE

2. Find a sunny spot and spend 15 minutes counting the butterflies you see.

3. Submit your sightings.