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Nature’s Advent - Thursday 12th December:



Tonight's full moon is rather aptly known as the Long Nights Moon ...


Known as the Cold or Long Nights Moon (as it occurs near the Winter Solstice), the full moon on 12th December 2019 will be distinctive because of it high trajectory across the sky, causing it to sit above the horizon for a longer period of time. If the skies are clear enough to see it, why not get away from it all? You could wrap up snugly, go outside, look up at the night sky and the shadows on the land and look and listen for wildlife. Nocturnal animals and birds can hunt or forage more easily so there should be more activity than normal - although some remain hidden for fear of being hunted and apparently badgers have been known to become pee-shy!



If instead the idea of a nocturnal safari when it's a bit warmer appeals, how about booking tickets on one of Knepp's night-time Bat and Moth Safaris for next year? The dates don't necessarily coincide with the lunar calendar but you'll be with experts to help you find the moths and bats as they feed over the ponds and along the hedgerows. Thirteen out of the UK's 17 breeding species have been recorded at Knepp due to their burgeoning insect population since they started Re-wilding. You might also like one of their Dusk Safaris where you could see foxes and owls and groups of deer, together with Longhorn cows and Exmoor ponies as they wander down to the ponds and lakes or have an evening drink.