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Nature’s Advent - Saturday 21st December 2019:



A taste of kindness ...


As this is our last weekend to plan and make some delicious vegan and vegetarian nibbles and meals to introduce to family and friends over Christmas we could also be thinking about giving an animal a delicious treat. Get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside by giving rescued bear honey as a special after-dinner treat, for just £10 from World Animal Protection or buy a Big Bear Buffet on behalf of a friend which will help feed a bear for a whole week.



Meanwhile, you could help protect a food source for thousands of species. Did you know that as much of 92% of the UK's seagrass has been lost? Restoring seagrass meadows is vital for our ocean health as it protects our coasts, improves water filtration and thousands of species depend on it for food, shelter and reproduction. Around the world green turtles, manatees dugongs, sea-horses, fish and other foraging omnivores rely on it directly for food or they feed on invertebrates and other animals living amongst the plants. You can support the work of Project Seagrass which is a Welsh based marine conservation charity dedicated to ensuring that seagrass meadows are protected globally by getting involved in a number of ways. You can learn more here.