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Lent Vigil goes Virtual



From Monday 16th March 2020 Christian Climate Action are moving their 40 days multi-faith prayer vigil from outside Parliament to a virtual platform to protect all of those taking part and their loved ones from the spread of the coronavirus. The vigil which started on the first day of Lent (26th February) and will continue until 12th April 2020 has seen people coming together with humility and compassion from different practices, beliefs and religions, to pray, meditate and demonstrate their love for the planet in the face of the climate and ecological emergency.



Organisers say, that the move 'on-line' is "a rather wonderful opportunity" for those who haven't been able to join in physically, who can now come together to pray and meditate from their own homes. You can still join up Here.


They will also be offering a daily check-in and some quiet time and prayer, every morning at 9am and night at 9pm via Zoom, which will be led by members of different faith communities. For details and links visit the Christian Climate Action website.




Greta Thunberg calls for #DigitalStrike


Last week Greta Thunberg also encouraged young people to avoid large public gatherings because of the coronavirus and instead to campaign online. She wrote on Twitter: "In a crisis we change our behaviour and adapt to the new circumstances for the greater good of society. Join the #DigitalStrike."

Minutes after her tweet, hundreds of young demonstrators posted photos of themselves using the hashtag #ClimateStrikeOnline to show they had missed school.